The Darwin Flyrodders Annual competition, the "Top Ten" is designed to test the skills of members of Darwin Flyrodders.

This runs for the entire calendar year, with all submitted scores tallied by the Weigh Master and presented at the club General Meetings.

The intent of the Top Ten competition is to test the individual anglers skills in locating, hooking and landing a diverse range of fish species in the NT. All nominated species, with a little effort, are readily available to all DFR Members. The Top Ten is based on the honesty system and any participant found to be falsifying records will be removed from the competition.


The Top Ten competition is open to all financial members of Darwin Flyrodders Inc.

Anyone submitting a fish in the Top Ten must be a financial member at the time of catching the targeted species.

Competition Duration

The Darwin Flyrodders Top Ten competition will run from 01 January to 31 December each year. The Top Ten competition will commence at 0001 hrs 01 January each year.


  • All fish caught are to be recorded for the Top Ten competition to inform the decision regarding the Champion Angler in any one year.
  • All fish measurements are to be to the nearest centimetre.
  • All fork tail fish are to be measured to the caudal fork and all others to the end of the tail.
  • Participating fly fishers are to submit their written nominations to the club weigh master, for targeted species fly rod captures for the month, on the official score card (or other approved methods agreed to by the weigh master) provided by the club. This must be submitted by the end of each calendar month and can be at the monthly club meeting or by email.
  • No nominations will be accepted after the end of each month for fish captured during that month.
  • Individual species may be upgraded at any time throughout the Top Ten competition period.

Target Species

Barramundi Tuna (All)
Snapper (All) Salmon (All) Other Species
Trevally (All) Cod (All) 
Saratoga Queenfish  


January - Long TomMay - SaratogaSeptember - Flathead
February - CatfishJune - BillfishOctober - Ock Ock
March - SnapperJuly - Giant HerringNovember - Sooty Grunter
April - BarramundiAugust - Salmon December - Milkfish


Fly fishing tackle must comply with accepted customs and line classes. There is no restriction, within reason, on leader configuration.


Click to Download Monthly scoring Form.

Club Records

 Species  Year Size Name
Barramundi 2006/2012  112 Dave Bowring / Tim Harding


2001 77 Wayne Hinton
Salmon 2016 83 Jarryd Jeffery
Tuna 2006 102 Cathy Bassett
Snapper 2003 62 Cameron Briscoe
Tarpon 2003 80 Cameron Briscoe
Queenfish 2012 114  Steve Starling 
Trevally 2010  99  Tim Harding 
Cod 2001  65  Wayne Hinton 
Mackerel 2008  139  Tim Harding 

Mailing Address
PO Box 40023

Palmerston Game Fishing Club
28 Catalina Road
Marlow Lagoon NT 0830