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About us

The Darwin Flyrodders is not the first fly fishing club established in the Northern Territory (NT), as the Saltwater Flyrodders of the NT was active during the early 1980's. The club was lucky to have the designer and creator of the ‘Pink Thing’, Grahame White, among its members.

Interest in the formation of a new fly club was rekindled by the success of the inaugural Territory Saltwater Fly Fishing Challenge, held on Bynoe Harbour. Mick Chambers and John Harrison, organisers of the Bynoe event were instrumental in getting the club off the ground. In July 2000, with over 20 people in attendance at a meeting, enough interest was formed to formalise the establishment of a Darwin fly fishing Club thus, the Darwin Flyrodders was born.

The Darwin Flyrodders, more commonly known as the DFR, organises the two competitions (mentioned above), club outings and other social and instructive events such as fly tying days, fly-casting and demonstration sessions for the community from visiting fly fishing ‘icons’ and club members. The Club provides tuition for fly-casting and fly tying to members.

Palmerston Game Fishing Club
28 Catalina Road
Marlow Lagoon NT 0830