Territory Saltwater Fly Fishing Challenge (TSWFFC)

  • 06/09/2019
  • 20:00
  • 09/09/2019
  • 16:00
  • Sandpalms Tropical Motel, Fog Bay Road, Dundee Forest (Bynoe Harbour)

This fun and challenging fly fishing contest is held in the fish rich waters of Bynoe Harbour. This vast natural harbour, with its myriad of fishing options, is a fly fishing haven. There are ample mud flats that provide outstanding run-off sight fishing opportunities. The usual rocky outcrops, islands, creeks and tidal estuaries provide numerous surface and deep water fly fishing challenges.

This catch and release tournament focuses on seven target species including Barramundi, Salmon, Tarpon, Queenfish, Trevally, Mackerel and Snapper. The Challenge is to land all of the 7 species in one day.

Meals, evening entertainment and presentations are provided by the Club, as well as great prizes and a competition shirt.

A bacon egg roll and coffee on are available each morning with dinner on Saturday night supplied. Lunch packs can be organised for competitors but must be done the night before.

To ensure your accommodation is secured, please contact Sandpalms Tropical Motel on 08 8978 2822 and let them know you are fishing the Comp.


Teams of Two Anglers

  • $TBC per angler   Early Bird Special    Prices valid until 11 August 2019
  • $TBC per angler   Angler Entry              Prices valid on or after 11 August 2019

Refund Policy

The angler is entitled to a full refund of fees paid, less $20 administration fee.

An application for a refund must be submitted in writing to the Darwin Flyfishing Club Inc. no later than 5.00pm five (5) days prior to the commencement of the event to be eligible for a refund of any nature.

Refund applications received after this time will be denied.

The angler accepts that should any fees arise by their financial institution as a result of a dishonoured payment on a cheque or credit card debit, the angler will be responsible for any such fees and will be ineligible to participate until such time as those fees are paid.


The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) Leader Regulations for Territory Fly Fishing Saltwater Challenge.


Mailing Address
PO Box 40023

Palmerston Game Fishing Club
28 Catalina Road
Marlow Lagoon NT 0830